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Invisalign for Kids and Teens

Smile correction service in Sacramento with easy-to-use clear aligners

We are excited to offer Invisalign options at all our Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics locations. As part of our pediatric and adult orthodontics services, Invisalign is available to families in the Northern California area (including Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, and Bay Area regions). It’s an easy way to achieve a straighter smile thanks to the removable clear aligners. Your child can eat what they normally do with the aligners out and still work on straightening their teeth between mealtimes. There has never been a better time to explore Invisalign First or Invisalign Lite.

  • No more wires
  • No food or activity restrictions
  • Improved oral hygiene during treatment

Invisalign Eligibility

Beginning treatment with Invisalign for kids or teens all starts with determining your child’s eligibility. To determine your child’s eligibility, request a free consultation with the on-site orthodontist at the Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics location nearest you! Children that haven’t yet lost their baby teeth are still eligible to receive Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign, your orthodontist can begin treatment as early as 7 years old.

What’s Included in the Invisalign Program

To begin straightening their teeth, your child will simply slip the aligners over their top and bottom teeth. There may be slight pressure when the aligners are new, which is perfectly normal. They are still a much gentler approach and more comfortable straightening experience for patients.

When the aligners come in, your child will receive training on how to put them on and off, storage tips and instructions for proper cleaning. Your child will change aligners every one to two weeks during appointments.

Invisalign Teen aligner held by woman

Invisalign Lite

The Invisalign Lite service is perfect for those patients with minor alignment problems. This touch-up service follows the same process of wearing aligners and switching out sets every one to two weeks.

This treatment option addresses the needs of younger patients by offering an aligner system specifically designed to target arch expansion, the most common interceptive treatment for children. This alternative treatment to widen the arch gives patients an opportunity to start treatment earlier.

Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics is a complete pediatric dental and orthodontic care provider for those as little as six months old to adults. We offer convenient appointment options, including weekday evenings and Saturday openings. We accept all major PPO dental insurances for Invisalign treatment with flexible payment options for the uninsured or credit-challenged. Contact the office nearest your location in the Sacramento, San Joaquin or Bay Area to schedule your appointment today!

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