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5 Easy Tips to Prevent Cavities in Kids

Nothing is better than seeing your child smiling ear to ear, especially when it’s a healthy smile. At Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics, our pediatric dentists are focused on putting attention on prevention and educating families so your child’s smile is healthy today and as they grow bigger and stronger!

Your kiddo is growing and developing. With each exciting development there are new milestones. So, as your child’s teeth start to pop through – or as baby teeth begin to fall out and the tooth fairy is visiting more frequently – it’s important that good dental hygiene becomes part of your daily routines. Better habits. Better checkups. Fewer cavities.

Research shows that approximately 25 percent of kids either have or had cavities before entering kindergarten. We are sharing our best cavity prevention tips so your child avoids icky cavities and continues to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The more you know the more you grow! The American Dental Society (ADA) gives a few great tips to combat cavities and keep kids smiling for years to come. Take a look at our top five tips to prevent cavities below:

Cavity Prevention

Children’s dentistry is all about creating healthy, giggly smiles that last a lifetime. With consistent dental care, attention on prevention and education, it is possible to prevent cavities. Teach your children all about dental health and encourage healthy habits every day. Find a Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics location near you today to learn more about preventive dental care for your child.