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Fun without loads of sugar

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the start of “sugar season”. Of course it’s fine to have a little candy, especially if you brush really well before bedtime to remove excess sugar from your teeth. But between class parties, fall festivals, and trick-or-treating, your kiddos are about to have tons of candy.

Because you know pounds of candy are in your home’s future, here are some fun ways to celebrate the fall season without candy (and we promise it doesn’t involve dental floss or pennies).

Turn lunch box items into something seasonally fun. Take a marker to the outside of an orange to turn it into a lunchbox jack-o’-lantern. Take that same marker and draw a face on the wrapper of a cheese stick. Cut sandwiches in a zig-zag to create teeth and add monster eyes with a couple of toothpicks.

Give out snacks instead of candy. If you’ll think back to summer vacation, you know most kiddos would rather snack all day from the pantry than eat an actual meal. Channel that energy and give out individually packaged snacks instead of candy. Pretzels, granola bars, even chips have much less sugar than fun-sized candy bars. Little water bottles also are an unexpected treat instead of candy.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the fall season, remind your kiddos to brush extra well before bedtime to remove the excess sugar of the day.

And don’t forget, you can trade candy for cash in our offices beginning Nov. 1