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3 Fun Tooth Fairy Visits

Has your child recently lost a tooth? Turn a normally uncomfortable experience into a fun event that your children will want to happen every week (well, maybe not EVERY week). We’ve used our extensive network of dentists, dental professionals, and real parents and patients to create three fun Tooth Fairy visit ideas for you to try at home.

But first, here’s a little bit of history on the Tooth Fairy.

The history of the Tooth Fairy is not well known throughout the world and it is disputed how it originally began to be present in folklore. Across the world and in different cultures, people performed various acts with the lost tooth like, throw the tooth to the sun, burn it, or place in a tree or wall, however the most popular use of the lost tooth was offering it to a mouse or rat in the hopes that the adult teeth grow in strong like those of a rodent. The process we see as a norm in the United States, losing the tooth, placing it under your pillow, and receiving money in the morning, was popularized in Arnold van Gennep’s book. Today, the Tooth Fairy is seen as a source of comfort and security in a natural process that can be scary for young children. It is a rite of passage that every child must go through as they mature into adulthood.

Here are 3 Fun Tooth Fairy Visit Ideas

  1. Tooth Mail – You’ve likely heard of snail mail but have you heard of Tooth Mail?

So instead of just leaving money under your kiddos pillow in exchange for their tooth, try to add an additional item to make the experience more special. With the money, leave a receipt from the Tooth Fairy, detailing which tooth they lost and how much money it was worth. By the time your child has list all 20 baby teeth, they will have 20 receipts as a reminder of all the effort you put in to make them feel special. If you want to add a little extra sparkle to the receipts, put on a sprinkling of glitter and baby powder, which symbolizes the Tooth Fairy’s trail.

  1. Picture Log – Yup, this just might just be Instagram worthy.

If you want a more visual representation of your kiddos tooth loss, create a picture log. Before your kids tooth is about to fall out, take a picture of them with a big smile, and then do the same once the tooth has come out. After the tooth has exchanged snap a picture of your kid and whatever prize they received, if you do this every time you have a scrapbook worthy visual journey of your kiddos growth.

  1. Adventure Time – If you’re looking for an idea that doesn’t include leaving money under the pillow – this is for you!

Save yourself the trouble of remembering the monetary exchange and instead, let your kiddo choose the next fun, family activity right after the tooth was lost. They can pick a local adventure, like a trip to the museum, the zoo or even the beach! Perhaps for a large tooth, or your kiddo’s last tooth, they can pick a larger family excursion.

Oh no, the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit last night what should I do?

We all know how busy it can as a parent, and sometimes the little things slip our brain, like exchanging your kiddos tooth for money. If you forgot, don’t worry, use this creative solution to keep your kids happy. Have one of your friends write a note (so your handwriting is not recognized) apologizing for the late pick up and explain to them that the other Tooth Fairy helpers were out sick. The Tooth Fairy was overwhelmed and could not pick up all the teeth she wanted to, so she is just a little late at picking up the tooth, but she didn’t forget!

Fun Activities

To keep the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive please download the coloring sheets that are available below and postcard which can be sent to Tooth Fairy detailing their healthy habits. Also, download the bravery and lost tooth certificates to make the Tooth Fairy experience event more special.

Losing a tooth is a rite of passage and something that all kiddos go through. Our dental team understands how kiddos (and parents) may feel and are trained to create the most comfortable and calm environment. If you live in the Greater Sacramento Area or San Joaquin County and are looking for a dental office for your kiddos, please fill out this form and we will give you a call to share more information about Kids Care.