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State Required Dental Exam

Did you know that children are required to have a dental exam before their first year of schooling?


In 2007, the California State legislature enacted the School Entrance Oral Health Assessment which is required for all children attending public school. This assessment can be completed 12 months prior to entering their first year, either kindergarten or first grade, or before May 31st of the first year. This assessment is designed as a preemptive measure to help ensure that children have a healthy mouth and to help identify if there are any issues with the child’s oral hygiene. The goal of this law is to help establish a regular source of dental care from a young age. The form is available through your local school or can be found at all of our Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics locations.

How to Get an Assessment

To fulfill this state requirement, you can make an appointment to get a new patient check-up:

Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics has 14 convenient locations throughout Northern California that are all accepting new patients. We’re fanatical about creating a lifetime of happy smiles and believe that when kids enjoy the dentist, healthy teeth and gums will follow.

Our offices are open early in the morning through the evening, so rest assured your kiddo can be seen before, during, or after school (a doctor’s note can be provided for appointments made during school hours). We are also open on some Saturdays to help fit visiting the dentist into your busy schedule.

Our dental professionals will complete the exam in a kid-friendly environment so your children will feel comfortable and welcomed. Once completed, the dentist will discuss with you the proceeding steps and sign your form to give to your kiddo’s school. With this completed assessment, you’ll be relieved to know that your children are on their way to having a lifetime of healthy smiles.