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Let’s Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month!


The holidays have come and gone and now it’s February. Believe it or not, there’s still so much to celebrate. We’ve got Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, National Pizza Day (yes, it’s a thing), and our favorite… National Children’s Dental Health Month!! That’s a whole 28 days (sometimes 29) dedicated to the importance of kid’s oral hygiene.

How did it start?

It all started back in February 1949 when the American Dental Association (ADA) dedicated a day to children’s dental health. A few years later in 1955, this became a weeklong event. Jump forward to 1981 it became a month long teeth extravaganza!

But why dedicate an entire month?

Having a whole month dedicated to children’s dental health helps put an emphasis on the need for good oral hygiene. Developing these habits at an early age promotes a lifetime of healthy and happy teeth. This month-long celebration is a great way to show kids how to take care of their teeth and the importance of brushing and flossing. 

How can your family join in on the fun?

There are so many ways your family can participate in the best month of the year. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Swap out your kids’ old toothbrushes for fresh, new, and fun ones. It’s recommended to replace your toothbrush every three to four months.
  2. Have your kids use their best senses and play “Guess That Toothpaste Flavor”. Think they can tell the difference between mint, bubblegum or other flavors?? Just remind them not to swallow it… yuck 😝
  3. Have a flossing contest. Keep track of how many days in a row they floss. You can use a chart, sticker system or whatever works for you. The main point is to get your kids in the flossing habit.

However you decide to participate, the main reason for National Children’s Dental Health Month is to create good habits early. The result will be strong, healthy teeth and amazing smiles! 

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