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The Ultimate Parent’s Guide for Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners

This is for the parents who are ready to explore the investment for your child to have a healthier smile. Rock on! You’re doing an amazing thing for them.


When your child needs to start orthodontic treatment, it can quickly set a parent’s mind into a tailspin. We frequently see parents armed with questions at their child’s initial orthodontic consultation, ranging from how much it costs and what are the time commitments to how will my child adjust?


The fact is there has never been a better time in orthodontic history for children to start braces or Invisalign treatment. Today, we can guide you through options at every price point and correction need. The experts at Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics in Sacramento would like to share with you everything you need to know (and didn’t even think to ask!) about Invisalign for kids.


How Early Can My Child Start Invisalign?

In the past, your child would have needed to lose all their baby teeth before they could begin their Invisalign treatment. While that is still available, Invisalign now offers a treatment option that addresses the needs of younger children. This alternative treatment uses an aligner system that is specifically designed to target arch expansion. With this method, patients can start their treatment as early as 7 years old, even with a combination of baby and permanent teeth.


Will I Have to Adjust My Child’s Meal and Snack Options?

There are many food limitations associated with traditional braces, and this can cause some disputes in a multi-child household with varying snack options. With Invisalign Teen, your child will not have to change what they can eat. They can simply remove the aligners to eat all the foods they normally enjoy.


Do I Need to Buy Special Dental Care Items?

When your child starts Invisalign Teen, they can brush and floss their teeth like they always have. You don’t need to buy special threading floss or angled toothbrushes like you would with the traditional braces system. Your child’s Invisalign treatment includes all the aligners and cases. It’s a complete system that includes everything your child needs during the teeth straightening process.


Aren’t Metal Braces Cheaper than Invisalign?

When Invisalign first came on the market, it was slightly more, but with the advancements in dental technology, clear aligners have become more cost-efficient. Plus, Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics accepts all major dental PPO plans. Some of these plans may even offer partial coverage for Invisalign treatment. We also offer flexible payment options for the under-or uninsured.


What Should We Do If My Child Loses Their Current Aligner Set?

Even the most responsible teen can misplace items. This can happen during lunch at school or at a friend’s house when they take their aligners out to eat. If your child loses their aligner, let us know right away. We can get your child a replacement. We may even decide to move forward to the next set if it’s close to that timeline.

Your child can keep their teeth cleaner and eat what they want with Invisalign – all while getting a straighter smile. It’s key that they leave the aligners in 20-22 hours a day and follow the recommended plan as much as possible. Invisalign even makes it possible to keep track of how often your child has worn the aligners. There are blue indicators on them that react to your child’s saliva, which causes the blue to fade with use. If worn properly throughout the entire treatment, your child will finish their Invisalign orthodontic treatment with results comparable to metal braces!


Learn more about our Invisalign Teen or Invisalign First treatment plans for your child. Contact the closest Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics near you to schedule an orthodontic consultation.

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