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Dr. True-Cat

So here’s the inside scoop:

Dr. True-Cat, well, he’s just about the coolest cat around and always there to offer support to our amazing staff and patients in any way he can (a cat’s gotta make a living you know!).

Dr. True-Cat earned his D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Scratching) in 1989 at the world-renowned California University of True Cool (you may have never heard of it as it is not too cool to talk about how truly cool it is – cool?).  Anyway – he also has his Masters from MIT (Mouses Is Tasty) and currently serves as Regional Board President for the Advocacy of Universal Catnip Sedation and Silent Mantra Transcendental Day Napping™ (AUCS&SMTDN).

If you see Dr. True-Cat milling around the office please keep him away from the dental floss, pet him often and make sure he’s not left out all night (true that).

I chose to work with children because:

Kids rub my ears and I like it when my ears are rubbed. If they pull my tail – well, then I choose NOT to work with them.

My hobbies include:

Silent Mantra Transcendental Day Napping™, cleaning myself, scratching up couches and record album collections, mousing, yowling and playing with LARGE balls of dental floss (seriously fun!).

If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d probably be:

THIS GUY (CLICK IT YO)! Talk about COOL! Or I’d just take over that Project 13 place, it seems like a pretty sweet outfit.


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