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A Personalized Approach to Creating the Perfect Smile

Davis Kids Dentist Is Now Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics!

Welcome to our new home at Kids Care Dental. In our effort to provide superior pediatric dental care, we have partnered with the incredible folks at Kids Care Dental so our doctors and team can focus solely on patient health and offer even more state-of-the-art services. All our practices are committed to exceptional pediatric dental care. Call our Davis Children’s Dentistry practice at Kids Care Dental, and schedule your appointment today!

As part of this exciting new partnership, we’ve changed our name from Davis Kids Dentist to Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics. Rest assured, however, our commitment and dedication to exceptional pediatric preventive care remains the same.

All of our doctors and staff will continue to provide you with the exceptional care you’ve come to know and trust. We are located in the same building at 1791 Oak Ave suite C in Davis, CA. We also still take the same insurance!

So what has changed aside from our name and website? We’re excited to show you! We’ve added balloons, stickers, and certificates to make our patients feel even more special during their visit. We’ve also added new paint, flooring, and updated furniture in the lobby so our patients and families will feel cozy and comfortable.

Not only will your kids truly love every visit, but they’ll leave excited about good dental hygiene. Our amazing staff is a team of kid experts ready to turn cleanings, X-rays, preventive care, and more into an adventure. Our goal is to make sure your child learns the importance of healthy teeth in a fun and memorable way – that’s what creates a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Give us a call at (530) 756-7516 to set up your next appointment!

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Our Services

Caring and Specialized Dentistry for Every Need

Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

Our Kids Care Dental Davis Children’s Dentistry office has all you need to maintain your child’s excellent oral health. We do dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, tooth extractions, early tooth decay screenings, and much more. Plus, each visit includes brushing and flossing lessons to help your kid develop healthy dental habits early. This will arm them with the proper techniques, so their clean and healthy smile lasts a lifetime. Orthodontic issues not only cause physical problems for your child but can also impact their self-confidence. Therefore, it’s essential to address an orthodontic condition as soon as possible. The earlier dental correction is performed, the easier it is to improve a child’s oral health. We have braces, Invisalign to align teeth and correct an overbite, and oral appliances that protect teeth from potential damage. While wisdom teeth can be removed at any age, we recommend extracting them when your child is in their teens. The wisdom teeth are still forming at this stage, making them easier to remove with fewer complications. Any surgery is understandably nerve-racking for you and your child, but you can expect our Kids Care Dental Davis Children’s Dentistry team to make the procedure as easy and relaxing as possible.


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Why Choose Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics

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Attention on Prevention

Individualized and Dedicated Care

We take the fear out of dental visits. At Kids Care Dental, our Davis Pediatric Dentistry office is full of fun touches that will make every child and parent feel at ease. With our entertaining and exciting atmosphere, your child will look forward to their next visit to the dentist. Most dental problems can be prevented. Therefore, we educate our patients and their parents on the appropriate oral hygiene techniques. Our lessons help young ones develop healthy habits that keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their life. You can always expect a specialized approach tailored to your child’s personality with Kids Care Dental. Our Davis Orthodontics and dental professionals are dedicated to making each visit a positive experience. When kids enjoy the dentist, healthy lifelong smiles follow.


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