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Surgical molar removal surgery for kids and teens

As your family’s food and clothing budget likely shows, teenagers grow and change quickly! Their dental health is no exception. As wisdom teeth come in, a dentist may suggest tooth extraction to avoid problems for the rest of your child’s teeth. Even if they don’t erupt, or break through, the surface of the gums, these new molars can still cause serious dental issues. At Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics, we offer oral surgery for kids and teens to extract wisdom teeth and ensure better dental health for life.

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What are wisdom teeth?

You might think your teen has a big mouth…turns out, it might not be big enough! During the fundamental teen years, most people develop wisdom teeth, which are a third set of molars. Sometimes the jaw grows large enough to accommodate the extra teeth. If not, several problems such as cavities, gum disease, crowding, and rarely, even cysts or tumors may develop.

Most of the time, wisdom teeth are considered impacted and do not break through the surface of the gums. Unless there is discomfort involved, your child may not even realize their teeth are having problems. Impacted wisdom tooth removal involves routine oral surgery to extract the tooth completely. Our dental rock stars are here to explain the process and make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Extraction Process

Our doctors recommend extraction as early as indicated because waiting can cause unnecessary obstacles for your child’s oral health. A studyby the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons found that patients who had molars removed after age 25 were at 1.5 times higher risk for complications. They also found that children between the ages 9 and 16 who received the surgery saw a decreased risk for alveolar osteitis, nerve involvement and second molar damage.

After the initial consultation, we’ll work with you to determine if it’s necessary to extract your child’s wisdom teeth. If we find it’s an appropriate decision, we’ll help you begin the process of setting up the surgery and making accommodations for your child. While routine, the procedure can last up to an hour and a half and may involve the administration of anesthesia for comfort. The surgeon will carefully remove the teeth and provide you and your child with proper care instructions.

Post-Surgery Care

As with any surgery, there is some expected post-operative discomfort after removing wisdom teeth. Your doctor will provide your child with medication to help manage the discomfort. Remember to limit their activity, especially during the first few days, and their diet, which should initially include only soft foods such as yogurt and applesauce. Be sure to contact your doctor should any abnormal symptoms arise.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure that most children and teenagers experience. We’re dedicated to making the procedure as safe and easy for you and your child as possible. Our trained oral surgeons are available to answer any questions or address concerns you may have. Schedule your consultation today.

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