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Your Trusted Local Dentistry Practice for Kids and Teens

Our kid-friendly staff and relaxing environment make going to a children’s dentistry office fun and enjoyable. No, seriously!

Our state-of-the-art Folsom pediatric dental office will help your child learn to love the dentist! That’s because we’re specifically designed for kids—and kids only.

All Kids Care Dental practices are committed to exceptional pediatric dental care. Call our Folsom Children’s Dentistry and schedule your appointment!

We have a skilled team of kid experts who are ready to create a friendly, stress-free experience to help kids enjoy every visit. We have TVs in the waiting room and in the ceiling of the bays, as well as video games in the waiting rooms.

Our children’s dentists in Folsom, CA offer a wide variety of services to power up your child’s smile with healthy teeth, gums, and teeth development. From routine cleanings to corrective care with orthodontics, we make it easy for both parent and child to enjoy the high-quality service you love from a provider you trust.

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We work hard to make sure that every kid likes going to the dentist—and never fears it. Even parents of nervous kids will have nothing to worry about. Our staff has experience caring for anxious patients as well as children with special needs.

At Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics, we know that it’s not just about one visit – It’s about empowering kids with the tools to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. And when your child is ready for braces, our orthodontists can make recommendations for metal (traditional) braces, clear braces or aligners like Invisalign, and other corrective oral care.

To see our fun, kid-friendly dental office for yourself, just stop by our Folsom location. Find us in the complex across from Folsom Lake College (next to Walgreens). Parents, we even accept all major PPO insurance plans.

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We Build and Bring Healthy and Happy Smiles!

Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

It’s never too early to start learning how to take care of your teeth! According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, kids should start seeing a dentist when they turn a year old or when they get their first tooth – whichever happens earliest. We at Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics will make sure your little one’s first dental appointment is a fun, not frightening, experience. By making dental visits to our Folsom pediatric dentistry practice a positive experience for kids, we help build a foundation for a lifetime of excellent dental habits and strong, shiny and smiley teeth! Sometimes, teeth don’t follow the rules and need straightening out. We can do just that at our Kids Care Dental Folsom orthodontics practice. Once your child is old enough for orthodontic treatments, we assess their teeth and provide recommendations. We offer Invisalign, braces and oral appliances that protect from the effects of teeth grinding due to sleep apnea as well as sports or playtime injuries. Moms and dads can also make an appointment at our Folsom orthodontics practice. We offer Invisalign Lite, clear braces, teeth whitening and oral appliances. Wisdom teeth typically appear when children are in their teens. While extra teeth might seem like a good thing, they actually crowd out surrounding teeth and cause pain, especially if they’re impacted.  We offer oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth at our Folsom dentistry practice. First off, our doctors will determine whether wisdom tooth extraction is necessary. If so, they’ll help you and your child prepare for the treatment and provide detailed post-op instructions. Of course, we’re always available if you or your child have questions!


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Individualized and Dedicated Care

Who says dentist appointments have to be scary? At Kids Care Folsom, we make sure that each child we treat has a fun, positive experience, whether they’re in for a routine cleaning or an orthodontics check-up. Our Folsom children’s dentistry office is decorated and furnished with kids in mind, in bright colors, with plenty of games and things to do. We even have TVs in the treatment bays so kids can watch their favorite cartoons while they’re being treated. Healthy habits are key to ensuring strong, healthy and giggly smiles. That’s why we strive to help instill healthy oral care habits in our young patients. We teach proper brushing and flossing techniques to kids as well as other healthy habits that will help them avoid cavities and other dental problems. Additionally, we offer services like cleanings, 

fluoride treatments, early cavity detection and preliminary orthodontic planning to support oral health at an early age.

We’re more than just dental professionals – we’re kid experts! Our team provides personalized, friendly and caring services tailored to each child’s unique personality. Our team is experienced in caring for children who are anxious about going to the dentist. Additionally, we are trained to care for children with special needs.


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