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At our modern Natomas children’s dentistry practice, our team of smile experts provides gentle, personalized, and comprehensive care. The Natomas kid’s dentistry team will give your child a healthy, giggly smile, along with the confidence boost that comes with knowing that they’re taking great care of their teeth. We even added a kids orthodontist to our team, so we can help ensure a great smile for years to come with traditional and modern methods of braces and other corrective care. All Kids Care practices are committed to exceptional pediatric dental care. Call Natomas Children’s Dentistry and schedule your appointment!

And there’s no need to worry at Kids Care—we’re trained to assist children with special needs, as well as anxious youngsters and first-time visitors. Just ask our team if you need special accommodations for your child!

Come see why we’re the first choice for families in West Sacramento, Natomas, and Sacramento. Our office is located between Bella Bru Cafe and AT&T, and we’re always thrilled to welcome new patients. We also accept all major PPO insurance plans. To make an appointment with our kid-friendly dentists and orthodontists, just give us a call at 916-575-7701.

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We Start With Prevention and End With a Smile


Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

Kids Care Dental’s Natomas pediatric dentistry office ensures that each child feels reassured upon their first visit and the following consecutive visits by making oral health care and education fun and rewarding. Our pediatric dentistry services include regular dental exams, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, amalgam-free fillings and more. We train young brushing and flossing champions to prevent tartar and cavities with good oral health care habits. Our Natomas orthodontics specialists at Kids Care Dental offer traditional braces and Invisalign that apply pressure to the teeth and jaw over time to make it easier to brush and floss, prevent dental injuries, fix your child’s bite and help them speak clearly. Oral appliances are also available for children dealing with teeth grinding or that want to prevent sports injuries.

Flexible orthodontic financing options are available, and we accept all major PPO insurances.

When your child gets their first permanent teeth, it’s exciting, but it can raise concerns regarding tooth and jaw alignment. Crowding and impacted wisdom teeth are just a few of the issues we look out for and may need to treat with oral surgery. We may recommend early wisdom tooth extraction, a procedure that takes up to an hour and a half. Our post-operative care is also personalized to each child.


Why Choose Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics

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Attention on Prevention

Individualized and Dedicated Care

From the moment your child steps into our waiting room, they know they are going on an adventure, not a nightmare visit to the dentist. Our waiting rooms are filled with fun activities and video games. Our treatment rooms are equipped with ceiling TVs that help distract nervous little ones while parents can wait nearby in the open bay area for their comfort. Our Kids Care Dental Natomas children’s dentistry office makes preventive care the priority of our treatment focus. We teach healthy brushing and flossing habits in fun ways. Over time, this is the key to avoiding most dental issues. Our prevention efforts focus on new molar growth, alignment, orthodontic needs, wisdom teeth eruption and more. At Kids Care Dental, we believe every child deserves individualized care that makes them feel confident about their smile. We base our treatment plans on each child’s unique needs and ensure the timetable lines up with your budget. We believe that cultivating good patient-dentist relationships from youth, with a sense of adventure, helps kids take pride in caring for their smile.


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