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Your Child’s Lifetime of A Healthy, Lively Smile Starts Here

Rancho Cordova Children’s Dentistry with Kids Care Dental

At Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics in Rancho Cordova, CA, our team of dentists, orthodontists, hygienists, and receptionists offer the best possible care, all in a comfortable, fun, and kid-friendly environment. From cavity prevention and enamel protection to colorful and clear braces, your child can receive complete dental care in a fear-free environment.

All Kids Care practices are committed to exceptional pediatric dental care. Call Rancho Cordova Kids Care Dental and schedule your appointment!

No matter what your child needs, we’ve got it covered—we offer a wide variety of modern treatments that are customized for toddlers, children, and teenagers. Our comprehensive children’s dentistry services ensure that your little one leaves the office healthy and happy.

If things need to be straightened out a bit, our Kids Care Dental in Rancho Cordova offers orthodontic services for kids of all ages and even adults. Our pediatric orthodontists are experts at handling the many conditions that can be treated as your child’s mouth develops, such as jaw growth problems and crooked or crowded teeth. Your child gets to choose if they want to be colorful with traditional braces or have sleek correction with clear aligners.

We’ve also made sure that our pediatric dental practice is extra kid-friendly by adding playrooms, video games, and TVs on the ceiling. We even have a private, shaded outdoor playground!

Call 916-638-8099 to learn more about our children’s dentistry services. Our Kids Care Dental in Rancho Cordova orthodontics practice is located at the Zinfandel exit off of Highway 50 (next to Mr. Pickles and Soho Sushi), and we accept all major PPO insurance plans.

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We Offer A Range of Treatment Options to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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Oral Surgery

Proper dental hygiene starts from a young age. At our Rancho Cordova Kids Care Dental, we help your child’s dental development by establishing healthy dental habits as soon as their first tooth emerges. Aside from our assessments, check-ups, and other services, we instill proper dental practices to keep their smiles healthy. Even kids with healthy dental habits can have orthodontic problems as they grow older and their teeth grow unexpectedly. Our orthodontic services for kids can correct your child’s teeth to enhance their natural smiles. Your kids are sure to thank you for their confident smile by the time their school yearbook photos are taken. Children grow up so fast – including their teeth. If their wisdom teeth arrive early, we can help you minimize the effects and discomfort the eruption can have on your child. Our Rancho Cordova Kids Care Dental pediatric dentistry offers oral surgery procedures that can safely extract your child’s wisdom teeth even before it affects your child’s comfort.


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Healthy Smile, Happy Kids, Care-Confident Parents


Attention on Prevention

Individualized and Dedicated Care

We get it: not all kids are excited for their next dentist appointment. This is why we try to make every child’s experience a comfortable and child-friendly one. Our staff are great at handling kids. Our facilities are also catered to kids – complete with child-friendly toys, games, and other activities to help them get ready while they wait. Prevention is better than the cure, and who knows this better than parents and their child’s dentists? Developing good dental habits is much better than having to deal with cavities, tooth decay and the dental procedures used to treat them. Our Rancho Cordova Kids Care Dental orthodontics practice emphasizes on good dental practices your child can take to adulthood. Our staff takes a personal approach towards your children and makes them feel comfortable. We’re dedicated to their comfort and safety and treat every visit to the dentist as a positive learning experience towards healthier sets of smiles. We’ve made going to the dentist a great memorable experience for kids – and even for some relieved parents, too!


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