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Check out our brand new Orthodontic Suite just two doors down from our current location: 1361 S Lower Sacramento Rd, Suite 605.

With our new expansion, we will have more available appointments for our patients – which means more convenience for you and your family! All Kids Care practices are committed to exceptional pediatric dental care. Call Lodi Children’s Dentistry and schedule your appointment!

Our patient-focused approach focuses on creating a fun, stress-free environment for every child because we know that positive early dental experiences are the key to a lifetime of healthy, giggly smiles.

Our modern Lodi location offers a variety of dental services for children of all ages, with fun amenities such as movies on the ceiling and video games to help put kids at ease. Plus, we make sure that you have all the info you need to make the decisions about your child’s oral health as stress-free as possible.

To experience the best children’s dental services around, visit the amazing staff at Lodi Children’s Dentistry. Our kid-friendly dentists and orthodontists can be found in the Lowe’s shopping center near the intersection of S. Lower Sacramento Road and W. Kettleman Lane.

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Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

At Kids Care Dental, our Lodi pediatric dentistry office ensures that each child feels confident about their first visit. We serve as a dental home base where our specialists ensure that every child’s need is met at our one-stop shop for brushing and flossing lessons, dental cleanings, checkups, crowns, amalgam-free fillings, tooth decay screenings and more. Our Lodi orthodontics options include clear, ceramic and metal braces. Invisalign is a popular wire-free choice that works as your child wears these clear aligners over their teeth. We also offer oral appliances that guard against injuries incurred during sports or other activities. They can also help address teeth grinding.

We accept all major PPO insurances and offer orthodontic financing options.

We provide oral surgery for kids and teens to extract wisdom teeth and relieve discomfort to improve oral health for life. Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that develop during adolescence and may later cause issues like crowding, cavities and gum disease.

Post-surgery care is just as important to us as a comfortable extraction process. We’ll provide you with the necessary post-surgery care instructions.


Why Choose Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics

Prevention Is Key and Laughs Are Free



Attention on Prevention

Individualized and Dedicated Care

We bring fun (not fear) to each child’s visit. This cultivates a positive relationship for keeping tiny teeth clean and healthy. Not only do we bring the best pediatric and orthodontic care, but we also aim to deliver a personalized experiences for each child. Open bays also let parents sit with their children, so the whole family is relaxed and reassured during the visit. Our Kids Care Dental office in focuses on preventative care from the very first visit. We help our patients develop healthy brushing and flossing habits in a fun and educational environment. Our best practices center on keeping an eye on new molar growth, alignment, wisdom teeth eruption, orthodontic needs and more. All of our checkups and treatment plans center around your child’s unique needs. Every child should feel confident and heard when they are visiting the dentist. We base our treatment plans on each child’s unique needs. Our care also extends to family budgets as we make every effort to align our dental timetables with a family’s financial means. We accept all major PPO insurance plans.

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To experience the best children’s dental services around, visit the amazing staff at our Lodi location. Our kid-friendly dentists and orthodontists can be found in the Lowe’s shopping center near the intersection of S. Lower Sacramento Road and W. Kettleman Lane. We accept all major PPO insurance plans.






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With a PPO plan from most major insurance companies, we accept as many silly, giggly smiles as possible.



We have orthodontics at every location. Clear, metal, Invisalign - we got it covered!