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With multiple offices located all around Northern California, Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics understands that pediatric dentistry is a frightening concept for youngsters, especially if they have never set foot inside a children's dental establishment before. This is why we have made a heartfelt and long-lasting commitment to offering only the finest dentistry services for kids who are in need of professional pediatric dental solutions. Every day, we are dedicated to giving toddlers, children and teenagers healthy, happy smiles, and our team of exceptional children's dentists and other members of staff offer high quality care, consideration and respect. We want to encourage and cultivate a lifetime of good oral hygiene!

Our skilled Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics kid-friendly teams are readily available to alleviate any fears that your child might be feeling before they enter our offices, and we always help to reduce any worries that they may still have once their appointment is over. We do our utmost to demonstrate that children's dentistry is nothing to be scared of, and we are proud to see kids leaving the premises feeling relaxed and confident about visiting again in the future. Kids at Kids Care actually look forward to returning to us!

At Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics, we make sure that each child's experience is fun and enjoyable, and never intimidating. This means we offer a large selection of dentistry services that are geared toward children, including full oral examinations, preventive dental care, crowns, cleanings, sedation dentistry, oral surgery, pediatric orthodontics, and more. For our younger patients, we even monitor baby teeth for signs of decay.

If you are interested in visiting us and would like to schedule an appointment, or if you would like more information about the kid friendly dental services we offer, please contact us today. We are dedicated to healthy, happy smiles. 

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