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Why Remove Newborn Baby Teeth?

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We recently posted a picture on our Facebook of Dr. Grandpre with one of our patients at our Roseville pediatric dentist’s office. The patient is just six days old and had two teeth, which were extracted by Dr. Grandpre. The little one did so well and went right back to sleep.

We received so many great questions asking why newborn baby teeth are sometimes removed, so we asked Dr. Scott Thompson, our Chief Dental Officer at Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics if he could chime in on the conversation and give us more insight on newborn baby teeth cause and removal.

QUESTION: How likely is it that a baby will be born with teeth?

DR. SCOTT: I don’t have an exact statistic for the occurrence of neonatal teeth, but I can tell you from my years of experience, that it is rare.

QUESTION: I was under the impression one should leave false teeth alone. Will newborn teeth naturally fall out if they aren’t removed?

DR. SCOTT: Sometimes, it is appropriate to leave newborn baby teeth (neonatal teeth) alone. Often, however, they are present before developing any root structure and are at very high risk of falling out and blocking a newborn’s airway. It could trigger a spasm that would block their breathing and possibly result in death. If the neonatal teeth are wobbly and at risk of falling out before the infant has developed protective reflexes, it is recommended that they be removed. We encourage Roseville parents to consult a pediatrician and their kid’s dentist.

QUESTION: Will the newborn get another set of baby teeth, or will there be a big space until the adult teeth grow in?

DR. SCOTT: Sometimes these neonatal teeth are not true teeth (called enamel pearls) and the normal teeth will emerge at their regular time. Sometimes these neonatal teeth are the real baby teeth that have emerged before adequate development and if we need to remove them, they will not be replaced until the permanent teeth emerge when the child is older, around the age of 5 to 7.

QUESTION: Why did the newborn baby’s teeth need to be removed?

DR. SCOTT: Most of the teeth that we have to remove are high choking risk.

When it comes to newborn teeth or neonatal teeth, every child is different. Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics recommends that you rely on your Roseville children’s dentist and pediatrician to get an expert opinion before taking any action. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the removal of newborn teeth, please contact us today.

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